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Baltistan is proud of having K-2, the world’s second highest mountain. I t has more than forty five peaks of over 20,000 feet high and is really a mountaineers’ paradise. The names of the various peaks with their height and the glaciers.

                 Baltoro Muztagh of the Great Karakoran:

1.K-2(mondt Godwin Austin):  28,250 ft
2 Skyang Kangri:    24,751 ft.
3.Broad Peak:  26,550 ft  
4.Gasherbrum 1 (Hiddeen Peak):  26,470 ft.
5.Gasherbrum 11: 26,360 ft.
6. Gasherbrum 111   26,090 ft.
7.Gasherbrum  1V   (K-3)    26,180 ft.
8.Gasherbrum   V   24,019 ft.
9.Gaherbrum    V1  22,976 ft.
10.Muztagh Tower  23,800 ft.
11.Ghogholisa (Bride Peak)    25,110 ft.
12.Baltoro Kangri (Golden Throne) 23,989 ft. There are 5  other small peaks.
13.Paiju peak  21,654 ft.
14.Trango Towers   21,706 ft.
15.Mitro peak  19,711 ft.
16.Mangu Gusor  20,630 ft.
17.Black Tooth      22,044 ft.
18.Bial peak 22,077 ft.
19.Crystal peak 20,463 ft.
20. Biange peak    21,070 ft.
21.Biarchedi  20,390 ft.
22. Sia Kangri   24,350 ft.
23. Urdak peak 1      24,619 ft.
24. Urdak peak 11   23,235 ft.
25. Abruzi Saddle    24,934 ft.
26. Marble peak 20,466 ft.

Masherbrum Range  

1.   Masherbrum (K-1)  25,660  ft.
2.   K-6    23,890 ft.
3.   Dansamn    (K-13) 21,870 ft.
4. Mount gent (Kundus peak) 24,278 ft.
5. Skil Brum 24,344 ft.
6. Pioneer peak 22,172 ft. 
7. K-7     22,753 ft.
8. Urdokas massive 20,892 ft.
9. Liligio peak 20,508 ft.

Saltoro Rande in western Karakoram.

1. Saltoro Kangri (Peak 36)    25,400 ft
2.Sherpr Kangri 23,960 ft.
3.K-12 (peak 8) 24,503 ft.
4.Mount Chent (Kondus peak)  24,278 ft.

Panmah Muztagh Range.

1.Ogri peak 23,900 ft.
2.Baintha Brakk    22,044 ft.
3.Snow Lake   21,630 ft.
4. B.15  23,914 ft.
5.Peak 21,350 ft.

Siachen Muztagh.

1.Teram Kangri    24,489 ft.
2. Mount Rose 23,604 ft.
3.Apose 23695 ft.

Baltistan is also the land of vast glaciers. Baltoro is an enormous glacier estimated to be 36 miles long and one to two and half miles broad. It is one of the longest traverse outside the Polar region. Biafo is another vast glacier estimated to be 54 miles long in almost perfectly straight line.

The Biafo-Hispar glacier together form a passage of 76 miles which is the longest glacier traverse, outside the Arctic region. Biofo glacer was first visited by Sir Martin Conway in 1892 who approached it via the Hunza Gorge and Hispar Glacier. Seen from the Hispar pass the great ice basin forming the upper part of the Biafo gave the impression that it was a totally enclosed “ Lake” the outflow not being immediately obvious. Conway, therefore, called it the “Snow Lake” a misnomer which still persists.The Biafo flows from the Snow Lake south-eastwards towards the Baldur valley, Its snout, moraine covered, still reaching into the valley in 1956 Biafo-Hispar have a panorama of superlative grandeur of one the most magnificent landscapes of the world, Martin Conway has described it as wonder of the earth, ‘the memory of which clings while life lasts’.

Siachen glacier is 46 miles long in the eastern Karakoran between siachen Muztagh and Saltoro range-latitude:3.5.11 to 35.44 N   longitude: 76.40 to 77.013 E. It drains out to Nubra river, a small tributary of Shyok river.

Rimo glacier is situated in the eastern Karakoram and drains into the Shyok river, an important tributary of the Indus.

Godwin Austen glacier is situated in the north of Baltoro in the eastern Karakoram and leads to the world’s second highest peak K-2, in    the  north.

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