Morsi offers formation of consensus government in Egypt

By on July 10, 2013
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Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has proposed a consensus government to oversee next parliamentary election, as the Army’s ultimatum for him to meet the popular demands expires.

“The presidency envisions the formation of a consensus coalition government to oversee the next parliamentary election,” Morsi’s office said in a statement on his official Facebook page Wednesday afternoon.

Supporters and opponents of Morsi staged rival rallies across the capital, Cairo, on Wednesday evening as the Army’s 48-hour deadline for the president to yield to the demands of the demonstrators or face military intervention approached.

Meanwhile, more than 47 people have been killed and nearly 1,500 injured in clashes between supporters and opponents of Morsi since last week.

Morsi has insisted that he will not step down, vowing to protect his legitimacy. The embattled president says people chose him in a free election and that he feels obliged to stay in office.

In the meantime, an Egyptian government spokesman has suggested that it would be better for Morsi to die in defense of democratic values.

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