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Vigne’s derivation of Skar-Kod (Sagar-khnod) from words in two different languages, from Sagara, the ocean, in Sanskrit, and do, two, in Persian, is quite inadmissible.

Lastly the opinion on the subject of Biddulph, is to the effect that :- “The Iskardo people say that the place was founded by Alexander, who named it Iskanderia, from which it was converted to its present form. It was probably this tradition that led Vigne to identify Iskardo with Aornos, but it is impossible that Alexander’s army should ever have marched through the Indus Valley.”

According to Hashmatullah, the founder of Skardu viz. Maqpon Bukha named the place after Shakar-Gialfo who reigned in the valley of Skardu prior to the advent of Maqpon Dynasty. DO, he stresses, means ‘a low land’ situated between high lands.

The correct version of the matter seems to be the one recorded by Cunningham because Skardu written as Skar-ma-mdo by the Lamas of Ladakh is an ‘Inclosed Place’ and Skardu valley being very vast is also a ‘Starry’ one.

It is related that Mongols from Central Asia and Aryans from the side of Gilgit migrated to Skardu and settled there. In the early days three Kingdoms made their appearance in the Valley. The village of Giayul was founded by Gialu Stralbu while Shagari (Bala) Thayul (Shigri Kalan) Chunda and Biana-Naqpo (now a desert stretching from Sundus village to the Airfield) by Shakar Gialfo. Kuru Aswan Cho and Braq Mayur Cho are credited with the settling of Kharbu village and Braqnaq respectively. Lonchhe settled Rondu valley inclusive of Kachura.

These five immigrants established independent kingdoms but in the long run Shakar Gialfo overpowered them all except Lonchhe and reigned Supreme in the Skardu Valley.

History is replete with instances when ignorant people dazzled by the epoch-making career of great men considered them super-natural. Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar were regarded by the ignorant populace as the descendants of supernatural beings. The exploits of Ali Sher Khan Anchan and his grand-sons Shah Murad, Sher Shah and Ali Shah produced such an impression on the minds of the conquered race that they were believed to be progeny of a supernatural being. In the Shina song called, ‘Sher Shah Ali Shah’ the origin of the Maqpon.

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